Thursday, March 31, 2011


Balloons????  Polka Dots????  What is it about seeing a group of circles together that instantly makes us think of certain things???  Sometimes circles are just, well, circles!  That's true with the things we draw, along with all the things in our lives.  We tend to put things in categories before we take the time to figure out what they really are.  Is it because we're so busy that we don't take the time, or maybe that we don't care enough to make the effort??  Then of course comes the time when we have a huge mess to organize because we didn't do it all along the way.  I've always been an organized person in my work habits (well until last year anyway), but at home its different.  I'm trying to make myself more organized because I know I'm happier that way.  I think the answer is less stuff!  The more we have the harder it is to keep track of.  So my new method is, if I haven't used it in six months, its gone!  Of course there are things like baby blankets and mementos from the past that are exceptions, but otherwise the stuff that's in drawers that you're "saving" just get rid of it.  You'll feel so much better!  Plus when you feel better you tangle better!  Happy Day!

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