Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Outside is such a wonderful place to be!!!  There are flowers and trees and grass.  There are birds and sun and clouds.  There is water and everything below what we can see from the waters' edge.  Yet when the weather is cold we stay inside and look out.  When its nice we stay inside because its too warm out.  So if we do these things, when do we actually get outside and enjoy being a part of what's going on outside our doors?  How do we feel a part of our world if we're always on the inside looking out??  Today I challenge you, regardless of your weather, to go outside and do something (besides just walking to your car or getting the mail).  Even if you sit outside on a bench for 15 minutes - listen and feel - you ARE a part of this wonderful world we live in.  Breathe it in and wrap your arms around it!

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