Friday, April 1, 2011


Ready?  Are you ready??  Ready for what the day holds?  Ready for the weekend?  Ready for all the things that are coming your way that you're not planning for??  We make plans and get things ready for what we think is coming, but then there are the days when we're blind-sided.  When things come out of nowhere!  Then what??  Were we really ready for anything??  Not usually, at least when we can't see what's ahead of us.  So I guess the question would be how do you prepare for something that you really don't know is coming???  Man I wish I had THAT answer.  I guess that's when it's time to trust yourself, those around you, and God for His guidance in our lives.  Hard things to do and much easier to say!  For me - I'm there right now and it's not a fun place.  I think tangling can be a lifesaver - like a rope that's keeping you tied to something you can control when life puts you in a place where there doesn't seem like there is any.  Today is full of opportunities - even if you don't want them - they are waiting for you.  Draw something and find what you're ready for - even if its a little thing - you're ready for it!

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