Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been doing so many experiments on my tangles lately that I really felt like I had to get back to something I was comfortable with.  I know you're supposed to get in a zen zone but sometimes its hard to do that when you're trying out new tangles and designs.  Then of  course there's the coloring thing.  If you do choose to color it, how do you do it?  What colors do you put where?  I'm looking forward to Lauras' Challenge this week (even though I haven't done it yet) because the tangle needs to be blue.  That takes all the guessing out and for someone who is like me and is very indecisive at this point in my life, having someone give me a directions is just what I need.  So maybe tomorrow I'll have it up for you to see.  But for today I was happy with the flowers (which are called gingerbee by Sandra Strait) and the puffy thing (we used to call them fairies cuz we would make a wish on them and blow them all over) is Sandras' too.  Of course I don't know what it's called but i really like it.  Hope you're weather is warming up and you have sunshine.

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