Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Little Mice

Sometimes when I spend time with Little Miss Thisorthat I am amazed at her perspective on life.  She is so smart and can see through so much and cut to what's real to her.  And you know what, she makes more sense than some adults that I know.  When she saw this tangle she said, "grandma this looks like the carriage that took Cinderella to the ball - you know the one with the pumpkins and the mice?"  Of course I remembered because all my boys watched Cinderella over and over when they were little (even though they probably wouldn't admit it at this point in their lives).  I'm just surprised at the things she remembers - I know she my granddaughter so I think EVERYTHING she says and does is remarkable.  But how can you fault a grandma for adoring her grand kids???  Fairy tales are just that, food for your imagination and isn't that something that we should NEVER outgrow?  I guess that's why even now we draw little patterns on pictures and are so proud of them.  It's our way of staying in touch with our inner self (even though sometimes we don't think it's as important as it really is).  Feed yourself something like a fairy tale and enjoy your day!!

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  1. I agree with your theory of connecting with our inner selves. Your grandaughter was right, it does look like a carriage.