Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Happened to the Day??

Oh my GOSH!!!!  First let me say I'm so sorry for getting this up so late!!  I am currently in CA where the time is two hours behind my usual time, and then to add daylight-savings on top of that - I'm so late!!!  This day is going to be over before I get my breakfast eaten!!  I'm still trying to work on some new patterns and yesterday while shopping at the craft store (had to get another drawing book) I was on the lookout for tangle patterns.  You would not BELIEVE the array of patterns you will find if you just pay attention!  They were on planters, on paper, on the floor, on upholstery, cushion covers, on the ceiling, in jewelry, so when I say everywhere I really mean everywhere!!  I'm hoping to get something new to you tomorrow (of  course I had to work on them last night) but sometimes when you're away from home things don't go as planned.  I hope you enjoy your short day today (red faced it looks like mine will be shorter than most of yours).  Spring must be right around the corner now - right????

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