Sunday, April 10, 2011


Interpretation is a funny thing.  That's part of what makes Zentangles so appealing.   You draw patterns, end up with something, someone else looks at it, sees something completely different - its great!!!  I guess that's what art really is anyway right?  Everything is subject to our perception.   I was really enjoying all the different patterns in this piece, when Little Miss Thisorthat and Mr. Thisorthat said this looked like something you would see in a bowl of fruit salad.  I still didn't see it, but after they shared their ideas we all laughed.  Laughter is wonderful and if you can do that with those you care the most about, then life is pretty great!!  I hope today you can find laughter in something you do.  Enjoy the day!!

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  1. I can see what they were talking about. This one looks good enough to eat!