Monday, June 6, 2011

The Gift of Internet Friends

I have been so fortunate (and blessed) to have all of my internet friends!!  These are people that I talk to on most days and share things about what's going on in my world and they share what's going on in theirs.  Some might think it a little strange because we have never met, but at the same time there is an odd closeness.  I'll admit that I'm 51 (but don't tell anyone) and over the past 10 years or so, I haven't been in a position to meet a lot of new people I would call my friends.  In the past six months I have more than made up for that!  My internet friends are warm and caring, as well as being encouraging and generous.  Plus most of them have the creative bug like I do which is what initially brought us together.  There are new patterns in this piece that were made by LeeAnn (ledenzer) and I just had to try them - so thanks LeeAnn for your creativeness and your willingness to share!!  Today might be the day you find a new friend, whether in person or some other way, so put yourself out there and don't let the opportunity pass you by - not only will you be missing out but someone else will be too!!

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