Thursday, July 14, 2011

Above the Sea

I've been thinking about my upcoming vacation and was wishing there was a huge boat and lots of water in my future - BUT I'll be thrilled to death to see family I haven't seen in a while.  We have such a great time catching up and making new memories.  You just can't beat family!!!  I'll even squeeze in a wedding while I'm out there.  I'm so excited!!!!  Of  course when you think about water vacations (which is where my mind is today), you have to add color because that's part of the attraction.  It's like a five sense vacation :).  The beautiful colors, the feel of the breezes and the warm water, the smell of awesome food, and the sounds of the soothing music and the perfect stillness that sooths your soul.  Vacations are awesome!!!  I hope you have a day full of all the things you love!

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